Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hugglets preview - 13! Teddy bear Lituan!!!

NAME:  Teddy bear Lituan (from Lithuania)
SIZE:  23 cm – 9.1 inch (when sitting) without high-hat
USED MATERIALS: Hand-dyed vintage russian plush (2 colors - yellow and red), hand-dyed silk mohair (grey-green), cotton ribbon for ears.
EYES:  Handmade glass eyes from "Шерстяная лампочка"
NOSE AND MUZZLE:  Needle felted
JOINTS:  Fully 5-way jointed with cotter-pins and disks (head on waggle joint)
FILLING:  Polyfill and glass pellets
CLOTHING : Satin/cardboard high-hat, cotton ribbons, cotton ribbon collar, paper rose, buttons, natural amber.
DETAILS:  Tinted with oil paints


Photos: Pudra studio

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